About Us

About Us

Sales Policy

1. Always try to propose Value Analysis and Value Engineering as packing design.
2. Choose the most suitable processing way based on demand specifications.
3. Choose the most suitable materials.
4. Cut preparation parts by reducing process and the total of the parts.
5. Try a cost decrease by studying various directions and coming up with ideas and wisdom infinitely.
6. Extend elements that customer can study by other point of views and several ideas.
7. Submit numerical data by packing testing machine if customers request for safety.
8. Consider indispensable function and quality by Value Engineering when we propose at the design stage.Because there are limitations to Value Analysis.
9. Choose unnecessary materials, have right tolerance, choose the most suitable methods,intend common materials for interchangeability as a post-process after specifications are decided.

Description of Business

Paper Business Department

Manufacture and sales, including general corrugated cardboard, 2 and 3 layers strengthened corrugated cardboard,corrugated pallet, corrugated plastic, Uni-Pak, packing materials and subsidiary materials for wrapping and packing of these products, such as paper, foamy cushioning materials, and so on.Proposal of Value Analysis from packing designs to packing for light and heavy loads.To provide packing, management of the packing materials, transportation, and so on.

Woodwork Department

manufacture and sales of pallets, wooden cases, wooden frames and plywood boxes.

Setup for small parts wrapping
Warehouse business of safekeeping
Packing consulting

●Consistent management from design to trial manufacture, test, manufacture and packing.
●Total proposal services of the packing transportation. The realization of the most suitable and high competitive design.
●The best proposal of the quality, delivery time and cost by in-house production.
●Setup delivery is possible. We are particular about small lots.
●Challenge to thinking logistics.

VA: Value Analysis = How to decrease cost and the manufacture of the high quality products
VE: Value Engineering=Not to reduce the value to need and to decrease cost

Kongsberg XL

It has multi-cutting capacity for cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

KTwin head machine

“Musashi” can be equipped with separate edged tools and tools on right and left.