June 1965
Akira Takamura established the privately owned Takamura transport Company in Tsukinukizawa,Nasu-Shiobara city, Tochigi Prefecture.

April 1970
Company name changed to Takamura Mokkoujo (woodworking shop), shifting the mainstay business from logistics to manufacturing.

May 1991
Akihiko Takamura assumed the office of Representative Director; Akira Takamura assumed the office of Chairman.

January 1993
Company name changed to Takamura Industries.

June 1993
A Building added to No. 2 Plant.

April 1994
B Building added to No. 2 Plant.

June 1994
Introduced corrugators (Type 2200 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), corrugated cardboard manufacturing equipment, to make an entry into the corrugated cardboard industry.

August 1994
Headquarters and rest house newly built.

February 1995
Commenced the manufacturing and sales of single-face corrugated cardboard and laminated core (cushioning material).

October 1995
Company name changed to Takamura Co., Ltd., incorporated with a capitalization of 10,000,000 yen.

August 1996
Designated as “Tri-Wall North Kanto Agency”, the first Tri-Wall Japan Co., Ltd.agency in Japan. (Introduced a full set of carton formers) Commenced manufacturing and sales.In Dec.1985, Fukuoka Paper and Honshu Paper (currently Oji Interpacket) merged into Tri-Wall Japan Co., Ltd, commenced the manufacturing and marketing of Tri-Wall.

October 2000
Commenced packaging contractor business.

December 2001
Takamura’s Otawara Factory (dedicated to the manufacturing of Tri-Wall) established.

February 2002
Commenced the manufacturing and sales of general purpose corrugated cardboard(installed a full set of printer-slotter carton formers); former headquarter plant.

July 2002
Introduced cutting machines (Tokyo Decks).

April 2004
Headquarters and Headquarter Plant were established (Nikuchou, Nasushiobara city).

April 2004
Sagamihara Plant established, producing and marketing enhanced corrugated cardboard.

June 2004
Increasing the number of cutting machines (Nippon Seizuki) installed in the headquarters/plant.

January 2005
Capital increased to 12,000,000 yen.

May 2005
Logistics Center established (at former Otawara Plant).

April 2006
Logistics Center moved to Mishima, Nasushiobara city.

August 2006
LEstablishing new warehouses in Sagamihara, installing axis crane(commenced packaging contractor business).

February 2007
Yokohama Plant established; plant established in Tsurumi for producing and marketing enhanced corrugated cardboard.

September 2007
Installed cutting machines (Humantech) in the headquarter factory.

April 2008
Licensed for Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking, commenced contract worker dispatching business.

March 2009
Merged Logistics Center and No. 2 Plant, integrating all operations into No. 2 Plant.

April 2009
Moved Yokohama Plant to Tsunashima, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama city, opening it as Yokohama Business Office.

May 2009
Moved cutting machines (NSK) for installation at Yokohama Business Office.

May 2009
Installing a new cutting machine in the Logistics Center (fourth installation).

January 2010
Yokohama Business Office closed (transferring business operations to Sagamihara Plant).

April 2010
Installed the second cutting machine (Humantech) in the Headquarter Plant.

November 2010
President Akira Takamura resigns.

October 2011
Representative Director Akihiko Takamura retired at the end of October.

November 2011
Tadao Yanase assumed office as Representative Director of Takamura Co., Ltd.

April 2012
Shuhei Takamura assumed office as Senior Managing Director of Takamura Co., Ltd.

May 2012
Former Representative Director Akihiko Takamura established TAKAMURA Inc. and assumed office as Representative Director.

April 2013
Headquarters and No. 2 Plant merged and moved to Otawara city, Tochigi prefecture; new plants established (Kami-ishigami, Otawara city)

April 2013
UV printer (Mimaki Engineering) introduced (print range: 1900x3000x50H)

May 2013
Turning the former headquarters premises (Nikuchou, Nasushiobara city) into rental warehouses (building area of 800 tsubo); turning some of the warehouses in Nasushiobara city into rental warehouses (building area of 150 tsubo), commenced warehousing business.

September 2013
Moving Sagamihara Plant to Shimokuzawa, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara city(building area of 600 tsubo)

June 2014
Akihiko Takamura assumed office of Representative Director at Takamura Co.,

January 2015
Planning Office newly added.

January 2015
Solar-power business launched at the site of former No. 2 Plant.

March 2015
Fifth cutting machine (NSK) installed.

March 2016
Representative Director Takamura certified as Responsible Person Undertaking Dispatching (obtaining the certificate of attendance at lectures to become Responsible Person Undertaking Dispatching).

May 2016
One of the cutting machines (Humantech) at headquarters moved to Sagamihara Plant for installation.One of the cutting machines at headquarters replaced with one produced by ACS.

June 2016
Cutting machine (ACS) added at headquarters.

July 2017
Oyama Plant established; Latex Printer (HP) installed at Planning Office.

July 2018
Oyama Plant moved to Kayahashi; Osaka Plant established.

August 2018
Indonesia Office established.

January 2019

July 2020
Akihiko Takamura assumed office as President of Takamura Co., Ltd.
Yukio Saotome assumed office as Representative Director of Takamura Co., Ltd.

September 2020
Osaka Sales Office established.

Jun 2021
Osaka Laboratory established.

August 2021
Ibaraki Service center established.